Very large stereoscopic display

More about this platform

Mandelbrot is a very large 2D and 3D display coupled with a powerful rendering cluster. It is installed in an amphitheater for teaching purposes.


Technical description

  • Display: 16 (4x4) OLS521 BARCO cubes with ultra-thin bezels (less than 0.8mm) and active stereo
  • Size: 4.4m x 2.5m = 11 square meters
  • Resolution: 7680 x 4360 = 33,484,800 pixels
  • Display controller: four XDS 400 devices, combined with a windows display manager, supporting full-wall stereoscopic display and three other sources in windows for presentations, video, etc…
  • Cluster: one main node (48 cores in SMP mode and 2TB of memory) and four rendering nodes (each with 128GB of memory, twelve cores and two Kelpler 5000 GPUs). Shared memory applications can display eight million pixels (4K) with another Kepler 5000 GPU included in the main node.
  • Whiteboard: 83" Promethean 4K touch display.


  • Node manager: Martial Mancip (CNRS)
  • Project coordinator: Edouard Audit (CEA)
  • Operational since: 2014
  • Installed by: Immersion


Maison de la Simulation - CEA Saclay